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Category : Holiday Resources · by Jul 1st, 2011

Keeping Christ in the Holidays

Christmas Test
Christmas Test – mini
Christmas Test Top Ten
Christmas Carols & the Word
Christmas Time Line
How to Make the most of the Christmas Party Games
The Story of the Candy Cane
Twas the Night
Wisdom -The Wise Man…
Christmas Birthday Cake for Jesus

Misconceptions Concerning Christ On The Cross
The Prophetic Significance of Psalm 22 And The Cross
Historical Chronology and The Last Days of Christ
Jesus Knew Bible Study Chart
Jesus Knew Passages Only
Why hast Thou…Matthew 27.46
Why have You forsaken Me – Compilation Study
Great Doctrines of Easter – Imputation

Thanksgiving Book
Thanksgiving and Meal Time
Thanksgiving – Sharing from Our Abundance
Thanksgiving Projects – Family and Friends
Thanksgiving Section from Prayer Notebook – Adapted for General Use

The Pumpkin as a Picture of Salvation
Trivia Test with Party Tips at front..
A Biblical Response To Halloween


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