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Grace Community International

Family Discipleship Seminar

The Family Discipleship Seminar is instruction for parents seeking God’s commands and guidance in their parenting roles. Starting with the scriptural basis for the discipline and training of children, the seminar then expounds on general guidelines of disciplining and training children: the do’s and don’ts, suggested levels of discipline, and suggested areas of discipline to work on at various age levels. Additional topics covered are: the spiritual development of your child, drawing near to your child, and parenting in the transition years (adolescence and beyond).

The Seminar materials consist of:

  • A Bible Study providing the foundation of the parenting principles
  • A Manual further fleshing out of these principles and illustrating parenting guidelines
  • Practical projects for discussion and application

FDS Manual topics:

  • Authority of the Word of God
  • Scriptural Basis of Discipling and Training
  • The Training Process
  • Suggested Levels of Discipline
  • Wisdom and Life Skills
  • Fathers and Mothers
  • The Spiritual Development of Your Child
  • Drawing Near To Your Child By Helping Your Child To Be A Success
  • Drawing Near To Your Child Through Play And Affection
  • Transitioning To Adulthood


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