Grace Community International

Grace Community International

Your outreach ministry is soooo Awesome.  “The Joy of the Lord is your strength”!! 

I get weary just
hearing of all that you do in the field. Seems you never tire.  I especially like the way you share Hymns
with us and give the History too.  I LOVE them so much too and the Lord uses them for me to minister through. He always give me a song to share when I am sharing of his love at Nursing Home or Senior 
Lunch or encouragement notes or hospital/shut in visits.

Thanks for sharing your news letter with me.   
      Much love and

   Hi Dr Mukolwe,

I trust you are keeping well. Many thanks for the insight you have given us about raising our children. It has somehow also made the love for my son grow deeper. I love him enough not to see him fail! Especially if i can do something about it.

Before i derail, I was to e-mail you and remind you to talk to us about choosing schools.

While i am at it, i would also like to ask about something else. I am a single parent, having separated with my husband about 2 years ago. I had done an email to you to that effect.

I notice a lot of emphasis on the role of the father in raising a child. How do i go about this as a single mum? I know i probably need to put in much more effort in raising Joel up than for those with two parents actively involved in their lives. I have to work away from home right now and i find myself having a conflict between work & being at home! I want to be there to raise my son but i know i also need to work for us. XXX will turn two (2) in May. He is quite a strong willed child, I think we are making progress, there is so much to do though!

I would really appreciate some direction as to how to deal with the two matters.

Please say hi to Patience and the children. God bless, thank you for your work, it is bearing fruit for sure.


Dear Rev Mahon,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you and your family are well and blessed in the Lord. My name is Sheila Mbiru and I attended the recently concluded Parenting Class at the Navigators with Dr. Mukolwe in Nairobi. It was the best thing we have done this year and my husband Andrew and I have learnt so much. Now we know exactly what God expects of us as parents and how we can bring up our children to be successful God fearing children. Thank you for blessing us.

This was to kindly request that you send us the resource you mentioned on the Christmas Story for children. I would like to start using it now as we approach that time of year when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you and May God continue to bless you and your family.

Kind Regards,


Hello, John and Eleanor!

Thank you for all your good words you wrote to us.

We enjoyed time with you too.

Thank you for all your presents. They are great! We enjoy it so much!

We use this e-mail to connect with you. It is the best.

We will be happy to receive you mails.

Everybody in our church loves you and already miss you. Almost everybody already start prayer book. They enjoy it so much!

Dear John and Eleanor! Your ministry are a great blessing fir us and we love you very much.

Next year we will wait you for 2 weeks to hear all 14 lessons about racing children.

Already miss you.

With love and prayers,

Ravil and Ulia.


Dear John,

I do not have words to express my gratitude to you for the sacrifice and the risk you took to come all the way from America to serve the body of Christ who attended the just ended Couples’ Conference at Miango, Jo,s Nigeria. You are such a gifted person to immolate especially in your deep love for and deep insight of the Bible. Your love for God’s Word really provokes me to love the Word of God and for it to have authority over my life. It is our prayer that where ever you go God’s mercy will be upon you. We Col 2:2-4 for you. May God surround you with His protection from the hazards of transportation and terrorism madness. Amen.

Lazarus @ Elsie,  Nigeria.

Dear Ron,

My name is John Tabakwot Mamman. I serve with The Navigators in Nigeria and I lead the National Administration.

I would like to thank you for the ministry of Grace Community Int. reverend John Mahon was here again over the past week and he ministered to many couples. A young couple that is just a few months old kept thanking me for encouraging them to attend the conference. They believe (and I do too), that John’s ministry contributed a lot in laying a solid foundation for their marriage.

Please convey our deep appreciation to your Board for allowing him to come to Nigeria at a time like this.

We pray that when he is invited again, you will support him to come.

Yours in the advance of the Gospel,


… and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come….. Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. Rev.4:8,11

Dear pastor John Mahon, your church,

We bless the Almighty for you and for your fidelity to the Redeemer, among this corrupted sort and global deviation from Jesus Christ’s doctrine.

I was on your site, and was pleased your love to True of the God and your jealousy in service to the sovereign Lord!

I the pastor of independent church of baptists of Sovereign Grace from the city of Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. Mercy of the Master of the Christ, we continue to praise the God and to distribute a fragrance of glory of the Blessed Creator and our Savior among people living in Siberia. We have dogma of baptists of 1689 in our church. Our ancestors baptists in Russia, had the same dogma, Praise to the God.

For our fidelity to the Gospel of Grace, all us do not love, who puts the person in the center of the divinity. We put in the center of our divinity of the Lord. We trust in the Bible and the authority of the Bible for us is, authority of the God, as it His the Word. We the God-center in our belief!

We love the Christ and His people, His church! We shall be happy to pray for you and for your needs if you will wish to have with us dialogue for the sake of the Christ!

We from an event all over the world, see, that the second coming of the Christ, comes nearer! We are pleased to prospect of a fast meeting with our favourite Lord. And while we on the ground, we zealously try to distribute glory and greatness of the Almighty. Such service needs many forces. And we in humility recognize, that we weak, and absolutely we depend on Grace of the God. Therefore, we ask you to pray for us and for our service evangelism. We very much require filling by force of Holy Spirit for glory of the Christ.

We shall ask the God to fill you Holy Ghost and to send you an abundance of Grace of the Almighty!

Yes to become famous the Lord both in us, and in you and in your service to Omnipotent!

In His Amazing Love and Grace,

bro. Sergey.

Dear Uncle John and Sr Eleonor Mahon,

During this thanksgiving season in your country we want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the special gift that you are for us and our childrens in Cameroon. We pray that God continue to grant you a very good health. Thank you again for all the sacrifices that you took this year to come with a GCI team to sustain our young Navigator ministry. Through you God has change our life and perspectives. We love You.

May God bless You


Andre and Cathy Ngangue from Cameroon.

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