Grace Community International

Grace Community International

Basic Doctrines

Title Page
Ch 1 – Old and New
Ch 1 – Three Rationales
Ch 1-3
Ch 2 – Depravity of Man
Ch 3 – Sufficiency of Christ
Ch 4 – State of Believer Conversion
Ch 5 – Four Questions
Ch 6 – New Birth Regeneration
Ch 7 – Baptism and Filling of Holy Spirit
Ch 9 – Eternal Security


Imputation – Overview

Doctrinal Truths from Hebrews
Doctrinal Truths from Hebrews 9

Basic Elements of the Christian Life

Committed Discipleship: The Wheel Illustration

Bible and Chapter Studies
Basic Book of John Study – New Believers
John Study Insert
Advanced Book of John Study
Going on in Ephesians – Workbook
Going on in Philippians – Workbook

Baptism and Salvation
Baptism Verses in the Bible
Believers Baptism – Adults
Believers Baptism – Children
Believers Baptism Bible Study
Two Primary Concerns Driving Early Baptism

The Word of God Workbook
Part A = Lecture Notes
Part B = Bible Study

Introduction Workbook – Part One
Introduction Workbook – Part Two
Ch 1A – The Views of Scripture – Errors and Attacks (part 1)
Ch 1B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 2A – The Views of Scripture – Errors and Attacks (part 2)
Ch 2B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 3A – The Law of Language
Ch 3B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 4A – The Bible is God’s Word
Ch 4B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 5   – Bible Study Workbook (Cont.)
Ch 6A – Old Covenant vs. New Covenant Incomplete
Ch 6B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 7A – Doctrine vs. Historical Revelation
Ch 7B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 8A – Revealed vs. Hidden – Overview
Ch 8B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 9A – Revealed vs. Hidden – Parables
Ch 9B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 10A – Revealed vs. Hidden – Prophecy
Ch 10B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 11A – A Universal Truth or a Devotional Thought
Ch 11B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 12A – Rules of Interpretation – The Laws of Language
Ch 12B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 13A – Rules of Interpretation – Subjugation
Ch 13B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 14A – Rules of Interpretation – Total Mind of God
Ch 14B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 15A – Rules of Interpretation – Extra Biblical Revelation
Ch 15B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 16A – The Inspired Word of God
Ch 16B – Bible Study Workbook
Ch 17A – The Inspired Word of God (Cont.)
Ch 17B – Bible Study Workbook (Cont.)
Ch 18A – The Word Hand
Ch 18B – Bible Study Workbook

The Word Hand Illustration

The Family on the Altar

Testing the Spirits Series Workbook

Ch 10 Testing The Spirits – Satan’s Fall
Ch 11 Testing the Spirits – False Prophets and Ministers
Ch 12 Testing the Spirits – Satan’s Imitation of the Work of God
satan’s fall worksheet – Holy Spirit – Imitating the Work of God – Fillable

The Three Fold Cord
Hand Out

Those Who Give
Those Who Go
Those Who Pray

Misc. Bible Studies and Resources

Basic Doctrines of Salvation – Bible
Eternal Security
Eternal Security – Large

Eternal Security – Nature of Salvation Worksheet
Eternal_Rewards – Compilation
Fathers Day Teachers Notes – 25 Exemplary Monogamous Fathers in the Bible
Historical Chronology and the Last Days of Christ
Holy Spirit – Imitating the Work of God Worksheet
Jesus Knew – Bible Study Chart
Jesus Knew – Passages Only
Jesus and the Word of God
1_Common Errors and Misconceptions Concerning Christ’s Death On The Cross Chart
Marriage Covenant – Lecture/Message Notes
Marriage – The Husband – Compilation of Notes and Quiet Times
Marriage – The Wife – Compilation of Notes and Quiet Times
Misconceptions Concerning Christ on the Cross Chart
Mission Accountability Hand – I like Ike
New Covenant vs Old Covenant Compilation
Prayer Notebook –
Psalms – Wisdom
The Prophetic Significance of Psalms 22 and the Cross
Spiritual Warfare Prayer Guide
Taking and Giving Bribes
The Lordship of Christ – Dr. Stanley Mukolwe
Wealth Workbook – A Theology of Wealth
What Did Jesus Believe – Comprehensive

Why God Blesses Us
Why Hast Thou…  Matthew 27:46
Why Have You Forsaken Me… – Compilation Study
Word of God – Attributes of the Word of God
Work Sheet – Old Covenant vs New Covenant
Worksheet – Combo Manifestation of the Filling of the Holy Spirit and the Book of Acts
Worksheet Luke 11.13 Pentecostals and Red Letter Evangelicals

Four Covenants of the Family
The Sacrifice of Christ – Bible vs. Other Religions
Thanksgiving Section – In the Midst of Adversity
How Difficulty Resulted in Great Hymns
Knowing and Teaching the Word of God Message Notes
The Fine Print of the Marriage Covenant
A Couples Shared Vows to God
A Couples Mutual Vows
Spiritual Warfare Prayer Guide
Blessings and Challenges Seniors
Witnessing Application – Sphere of Influence