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Grace Community International

American Ministry 2017 – 2018

Category : What’s Happening · by Mar 10th, 2017


American Letter 1 – 2016 Ministry Report
American Letter 2 – Your Prayers are Making a Difference in Russia and Africa
American Letter 3 – Ministry in the US, We Prepare for Nigeria and Cameroon
American Letter 4 – God is Blessing in Answer to Your Prayers
American Letter 5 – Your Prayers, Faith and Gifts are making a Difference in Nigeria
American Letter 6 – The Ministry of GCI Board Member Richard Smith
American Letter 7 – Your Gifts and Prayers are Making a Difference
American Letter 8 – Establishing Families in the Word of God
American Letter 9 – Ministering to an Entire Presbytery
American Letter 10 – Serious Men in the Word of God – Nigeria
American Letter 11 – God’s Blessing of Your Prayers – 2018 Ministry Briefing
American Letter 12 – God is Blessing Your Prayers in Preparation for 2018
American Letter 13 – Our Ministry While in the US
American Letter 14 – Our Ministry in the US – Part 2


American Letter 1 – Report on the Upcoming Trip to Nigeria
American Letter 2 – What do Baseball, Fishing, and Witnessing All Have in Common


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