Grace Community International

Grace Community International

Russia Ministry 2009

Category : What’s Happening · by Apr 13th, 2011

Dispatch One – Hitting the Ground Running
Dispatch Two – Ministering to the Ministers
Dispatch Three – Praying for a Russian Pastor…
Dispatch Four – The Perseverance of a Suffering Servant
Dispatch Five – “…that you also may know about my circumstances”
Dispatch Six – “..every tribe and tongue and people…”
Dispatch Seven – Highlights from Our Ministry Week..
Dispatch Eight – Uniform of the Day
Dispatch Nine – Sharing the Gospel with a Pumpkin
Dispatch Ten – Love for God and His Holy, Eternal, Inerrant Written Word
Dispatch Eleven – Spiritual Warfare
Dispatch Twelve – Conserving the Fruit of the Ministry
Dispatch Thirteen – The Threefold Cord of Missions
Dispatch Fourteen – “That You May Know About Us…”
Dispatch Fifteen – Our Final Week
Dispatch Sixteen – Business for Usual for the Wife of a Missionary

The above documents are in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it Here.